Yale Explores…The Creativity Revolution: Inspiring Innovation

Chicago skyline

October 14, 2019
Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Creative thinkers—regardless of the medium or discipline in which they work—perceive the world in new ways, identify unrecognized patterns, challenge the status quo, and generate groundbreaking solutions. Once viewed as a mystical revelation, creativity is increasingly recognized as a skill that can be taught and cultivated, one that is essential to innovation and effective leadership. Moderated by Margaret Warner ’71, a panel of Yale faculty members from diverse fields will explore the role of creativity in their work and the ways in which creativity can be harnessed to promote discovery, drive positive change, and enrich our world. The discussion will conclude with reflections on the topic from President Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D.


Margaret Warner ’71
2018–2019 Senior Fellow, Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
Former Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, PBS NewsHour


Jeffrey Brock ’92
Dean, Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science
Dean of Science, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Professor of Mathematics

Sarah Demers
Horace D. Taft Associate Professor of Physics

Nicholas Turk-Browne ’09 Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Closing Remarks

Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D.
President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology

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