Yale Explores… Being Human in the Age of Intelligent Machines

October 11, 2018
David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center
New York, NY

What does it mean to be human in the age of intelligent machines? How will artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and as-yet-unforeseen advances in computer and other sciences affect the human experience? How are humans adapting now—and how will we adapt in the future? What could be lost or gained? What are some of the ethical questions we will need to address? Join us for Yale Explores: Being Human in the Age of Intelligent Machines as three of Yale’s stellar faculty members explore questions like these from the perspectives of their various disciplines.

If you’re new to New York City, please be sure to stop by the tables in the reception area hosted by the local clubs and shared interest groups. We’d love to meet you and let you know how you can get involved with the Yale community in New York!

Welcome and Introduction

Catharine Bond Hill ’85 Ph.D.
Senior Trustee, Yale Board of Trustees


Margaret Warner ’71
Senior Fellow, Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
Former Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, PBS NewsHour


Shelly Kagan
Clark Professor of Philosophy

Laurie Santos
Professor of Psychology

Brian Scassellati
Professor of Computer Science and of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Closing Remarks

Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D.
President and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology